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People who come from Louth often end up as nomads.  There is something about being on the edge of the country that makes you want to get out and explore and it is this sense of adventure that is at the heart of Nomad Trailers.

Our teardrop trailer is like everything else we've done in our lives, the start of an adventure - and this is just the beginning.

Richard Hallam

Experience in making precision instruments and the upkeep and maintenance of multi-million pound super yachts has led to this...

Richard left Louth at just 15 and has travelled the world ever since.

His career has led him from making (and subsequently selling) the world famous Paxman French Horn to visiting Italy, India, China and the US training people on working at height and then latterly to setting-up and running a Texas-based wind turbine maintenance company operating throughout the continental USA.

In between, there was also a period of sailing the world as a 'for-hire' yacht captain, and mate aboard a Super Yacht.

Now back in the UK, the idea for developing the Nomad Trail was borne out of the desire to get out and see the UK – but in the most convenient way. "I love the idea of waking up one morning and just deciding to head for the hills - the Nomad is a way of realising that dream and in the quickest and easiest way.  The time between deciding to go and hitting the road is reduced to minutes - and the design of the trailer means there is no limit to the destination."


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We're still taking orders for bespoke builds for 2022 delivery!

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Just add your own bedding, crockery, cutlery, food and cooler box, gas bottle, hook-up and start your own adventure.

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