Suitable for Tentbox, Ventura, ADV, RoofBunk, Latitude & ARB Roof Tents!

Better safe than sorry!

Thankfully, theft of equipment at UK camp sites seems to be a relatively rare occurrence. In all the years we’ve been camping, we’ve never had anything go missing (touch wood!). Nevertheless, TentBox and the Nomad Micro™ trailer are attractive and desirable items so a number of small additions could mean the difference between returning to your gear as you left it, or an empty pitch!
So take precautions!

Fit security nuts to your TB fixing bars

Fit a tremble alarm

For trailers, fit a trailer hitch and a motorcycle chain to the wheel with a quality, insurance rated padlock

Get good quality insurance!

More tips on how to prevent the theft of your roof tent can be found on the SHIELD INSURANCE website (click on the link below).

All the above are listed on our Accessories page.

'Bells and whistles' as standard

Insurance and Towing - CHECK that your car’s insurance policy covers you and your trailer for towing!

It used to be the case that your car policy automatically covered the vehicle being towed, but with the insurance market becoming more competitive, ‘standard’ cover items became more ‘bells and whistles’ for which an extra premium had to be paid. If you are covered to tow, what cover do you have? It may well be Third Party only, so any damage that might be sustained to your trailer (and tent) might be down to you to pay, so CHECK!

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