Suitable for Tentbox, Ventura, ADV, RoofBunk, Latitude & ARB Roof Tents!

Nomad Micro Lightweight Adventure Trailer - Electric Pumpkin Orange

£2,385 Regular price £2,600
by Nomad
Type: Trailers

The Nomad Micro™ is a super-light trailer designed around the TentBox™ range of roof tents – although it will also take most popular makes of roof tent. Designed to make roof tents even more fun and accessible, with easy deployment and repacking of the tent at a height that’s easily manageable for anyone – even the kids! 

With the tent no longer tied to the vehicle, excursions and shopping trips no longer mean having to pack it all away just for the sake of nipping in to town for a pint of milk. 

Add the TentBox™ Awning Room, and you have an all-duty camp set-up.

Because the trailer’s so light, it means you don’t have ‘all the fun’ of reversing-up to it to make the hook-up. Even when fully laden, simply and easily pull the trailer up to the car hitch.

Nomad Micro™  Trailer - £2385

  • Quality, 38mm steel tubed frame, with heavy zinc primer and super-hard wearing top coat in either Midnight Satin Black or Electric Pumpkin Orange.

  • Heavy gauge , extra-long draw-bar in stainless steel (easily accommodates kayaks/surfboards etc on the trailer’s storage rack – Optional Extra, coming soon!

  • Precision, Flow Drilled attachment points, pre-drilled to accept a range of accessories. 

  • Wheel Colour Options – Grey (standard) with Black, Silver or White as optional extras

  • Over-engineered Tent Supports – Takes even the heaviest tents with ease

  • Phenolic ply base board – Incredibly hard-wearing with an expected life well in excess of 15 years

  • Trailer designed around the TentBox® range, but happily accommodates most other popular makes of roof tent

  • New, AlKo AK161 Easi-On/Easi-Off trailer hitch – a cinch to hook-up 

  • Custom designed Aspoeck LED running lights & loom – Europe’s leading manufacturer of quality auto lights. 13 pin Electric Connector meeting ISO11446 requirements.
  • Includes Fog and Reversing lights. Extra loom stored in the drawbar should you damage the plug and require re-wiring - it’s the little considerations that count!
    Light cluster protection