Suitable for Tentbox, Ventura, ADV, RoofBunk, Latitude & ARB Roof Tents!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the trailer’s drawbar so long?

Simply to better accommodate kayaks and paddle-boards etc. As a big secondary ‘plus’, it also makes it very easy to reverse (unlike a small trailer).

Do I need special roof bars for the Micro™?

No, extra strong roof bars are already installed. Fixing your tent to the trailer is a cinch.

Won’t my equipment get wet in the trailer?

Even ‘enclosed’ trailers are rarely watertight (or clean!), and you wouldn’t want to put your bedding/clothes etc into any trailer without first putting them into a bag (at the very least, a bin bag!). The Micro™ is no different. With a large, car roof bag (100% waterproof) and other assorted waterproof bags, all your gear turns up at the other end, clean and ready for use. The open sides make for easy on-site stowage and access, unlike an enclosed trailer. The addition of the Deflector makes the load area even more useful.

How much will the trailer carry?

It depends on what tent you have installed. Deduct the tent’s weight, plus 98kg (the trailer’s weight) from 350kg, and the balance is what you can carry in the load area.

How secure is my trailer/equipment?

Safe and sound with the appropriate accessories! We offer carry bags, secure straps and deflector shields to ensure your trailer is a safe means of transport for your kit.

What’s the lead times on a new order?

We aim to supply from stock, although at busy times there can be wait of a few weeks. Order early!

Are there other colour options?

At the moment we only offer Pumpkin Orange or Satin Midnight Black. Other colours may be available in the future. If you’ve a special request, let us know and we’ll be happy to work with you on getting you your desired colour.

What payment options are there?

Most of the usual cards – Credit and Debit, and BACS (always preferred). We’ll send you an invoice with a payment link where you can decide on your preferred method of payment.

Do you do Interest Free payments?

Yes, you’ll have that option on the payment link on our invoice. Interest Free, Instalment Plans and Flexible Pay – you decide what suits you best.

Are there any price breaks if I buy a Micro™ and a tent from the TentBox™ range together?

Yes, there can be considerable savings to be had by buying bundles - see our pricing for current offers or sign-up here for email updates.